About us

Good Routine®
What's so good
about us?

We are a brand of food supplements created in harmony with your body, habits and needs.

We want to be part of your change, improving your health and well-being through high-quality, innovative and reliable products, delivered in an ethical business manner.

We are your reliable partner of kickstarting and mantaining a healthy lifestyle

We understand that it is no longer enough to have a balanced diet or exercise.

Just as we understand that it is not easy to choose a quality product that complies with all industry standards and combines safety, efficacy and compatibility for needs our.

How do we support your good routines?

Through a portfolio of products in which we have invested all Secom®'s experience on the local market

As a leading authority in integrative medicine solutions for the contemporary individual's healthy lifestyle, Secom® has been on the local market for 20 years, always keeping up with the latest scientific discoveries and studies on ingredients from the international market. It has invested all its experience in creating its own portfolio that adheres to the same quality standards that its consumers have come to expect.

Good Routine® products are made in high-quality manufacturing sites in Spain and Italy, according to Secom®'s own recipe.

The partner production units own the most important international licenses and certifications, specific to the category of dietary supplements, attesting quality, efficiency and safety of products.


International Featured Standard Food

Food Supplements' Manufacturing License


(current Good Practice Guide for Manufacturing and Commercialisation of Food Supplements) certification


(The Food and Drug Administration) registered

Member of AFEPADI

(Association of Food Supplements and Dietary products)

Good Routine® formulas are unique synergies:

ingredients from natural sources
patented ingredients
synergistic formulas with optimal concentrations
safe, tested, certified
rapid release of active substances in the body
clean labels
high bioavailability

World Wide Certified